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ShovelTown Frequently Asked Questions

ShovelTown FAQs

When are games played?

  • Games have been played between 8 and 12 on Saturday mornings the first few seasons, but as we grow in numbers, the time slots will continue to expand as well.  We will potentially have games 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. the fall of 2022.

What does my child need to wear for ShovelTown games?

  • All players need shin guards, a water bottle, and their own soccer ball.
  • Cleats are highly recommended for all age groups, but players can wear athletic shoes. Almost all Recreational players wear cleats.
  • We highly recommend all Recreational players wear soccer socks that cover their shin guards. 
  • As colder weather sets in, players can practice in sweatshirts / hoodies and sweatpants.   Warmer under-gear (long sleeve shirts, a thinner hoodie) that can be worn under the team jersey is recommended on cold game days.
  • No jewelry is to be worn at any time for player safety.  This includes earrings and stud earrings. watches, necklaces, and bracelets.   

 Can I select a ShovelTown team or coach for my player? 

  • We can not guarantee placement upon request as we focus first on creating balanced and competitive teams.    

 Can I be a parent-coach? 

  • Absolutely!!! Each of our ShovelTown teams are run by parent coaches and assistant coaches.  It is a great opportunity for you to learn more about coaching soccer.   Our volunteer coaches are not on their own though - our Easton Soccer Director of Coaching John Barata is here to help.  We will have a coaches' clinic prior to the start of the season and each coach can access our Soccer Curriculum and sample training plans.   Lastly, there is no cost to you to register or serve as a volunteer coach.  

  Does Easton Soccer provide soccer attire for ShovelTown?

  •  Easton Soccer will provide the team shirt.  Please order the shirt size that your child will wear in the fall.  If you are not sure, go up one size from your child's current size.

 Are the games Coed?

  • We prefer to keep players in grade and gender, however we reserve the right to adjust based on enrollment numbers and other factors. 

Do ShovelTown teams practice?      

  •  We encourage ShovelTown coaches to hold one practice a week and to keep practices open  for other players to join for pool training, when needed. Most coaches will partner with another team for practice since roster sizes are kept small on purpose.

Why does ShovelTown play on smaller fields with less players?

  • Allows for more touches on the ball which promotes better development. 
  • Smaller teams allow for more flexibility and more playtime.

Is there a league champion?

  • Yes, all teams make it to playoffs and on the last weekend of the season there will be a finals playoff game. The playoffs  structure and schedule is determined based on a number of factors.

Easton Soccer Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Easton Soccer?

Sponsored by Community Connection Healthcare, LLC

Community Connection Healthcare, LLC

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We are a provider of personal care services in the home under MassHealth AFC and GAFC programs. AFC (Adult Foster Care)assists and supports individuals who wish to live independently at home with family caregivers, and GAFC (Group Adult Foster Care), we provide direct support staff to individuals who wish to live independently, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Sponsored by Field House Arena

Field House Arena

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The FieldHouse is recognized as the premier indoor sports facility in Southeastern Massachusetts. The field area is outfitted with 7,200 sq. feet of space, climate controlled at all times for every season. The facility is outfitted with powerful and environmentally friendly LED lights to mirror daylight, and we also have massive skylights for natural light!

The field is versatile! We have the ability to change the field to accommodate any sports whether its soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball, golf, and host the most awesome and energetic sports themed birthday parties you’ve ever seen!

Sponsored by Folan Waterproofing & Construction

Folan Waterproofing & Construction

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