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Clinic Frequent Asked Questions

Pre-K through 2nd Grade Clinic Frequent Questions

What Equipment is needed?

  • Cleats (required)
  • Shinguards (required)
  • Size 3 ball
  • Water Bottle

Where are Practices?

  • Practices are at either Oliver Ames Wall field (field closest to the OA gymnasium on Saturdays and at Keach Field on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

When is the Pre-K Program offered?

  • We offer the program fall and spring on Saturdays mornings, Tuesday (2 early afternoon sessions) and Wednesday (2 early afternoon sessions).

Will my child be placed on a team?

  • Pre-K -We don't believe it is developmentally appropriate to place a child on a team at this age.  This program is designed to have fun and encourage players to begin becoming comfortable with a soccer ball.
  • For the Kindergarten - 2nd grade the players will practice as a group for the first half of the session and then be separated into groups to play small sided games.

What happens if it rains? Will practice be cancelled?

  •  If we cancel practice an email will be sent to all members of the program.  We understand these are young children and will not have practice if the weather in inappropriate.  

Why doesn't  Kindergarten, First, &  Second grade just play games?

  • We have a very detailed curriculum for these ages.  We try to maximize touches on the ball with minimal correction.  We want players to begin to think for themselves and solve problems.  Rather then tell the player what they are doing incorrectly we encourage them to figure out the problem and fix it.  

Why do the K-2nd Games look like a hive of bees running around the field?

  •  At this age it is ME soccer.  We encourage kids to control the ball and dribble around players.  Don't worry, passing and spreading the field will come.  However, you can't be a good player until you know how to control the ball.

I love soccer (or I know nothing about soccer) and want to help out?

  • We strongly encourage parents to help out in our clinics.  Don't be surprised if we tell  you to get on the fields. Easton prides ourselves in providing training classes for any level coach. In fact, we feel so strongly about professional instruction,  we hired a Director of Coaching in 2005 to provide training and assistance for YOU. If you have any reservations or concerns please reach out to our, and your, Director of Coaching John Barata.
  • Many of best coaches didn't play soccer and started helping in our Pre-k/2nd Grade programs. Some have gone on to lead high school teams to Massachusetts Tournament of Champions and win it! Parents who enjoy teaching and spending time with the children are what create great coaches. We can provide the soccer training!
  • For more information about our highly qualified Director of Coaching visit his page HERE.

Easton Soccer Sponsors

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Community Connection Healthcare, LLC

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