Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Referee Opportunities

Referee Coordinator - contact Jenn Hall

Contact:    referee@eastonsoccer.com

Interested in becoming a referee?  Visit the website of Massachusetts State Referee Committee for details.  

Feel free to contact the Referee Coordinator with any questions about licensing. 

If you have received your referee's license and wish to be scheduled, please contact our President via e mail.  

Referee Courses: 

Beginning this fall South Shore Soccer is eliminating the Grade 9 soccer course for ages 12-14.  Easton Soccer is very interested in starting or refs at this age.  If your child is interested Jodi Meade will be providing a basic course so these beginning refs can start referring K - 2 games.  

As mentioned above, there is ONLY ONE Referee course going forward.  

Grade 8:   Most referees begin their careers as Grade 8 having taken the entry training course.  To successfully complete the Grade 8 Referee course the candidate must be at least 14 years of age, must attend 16 hours of course work and pass a 100 question written test.

Determining which referee course to enroll in can be confusing. Here are some points to consider before you enroll to help you choose the right course for you.  

Take Grade 8 course if:

You are at least 16 years old. Note that you may be asked to referee in other towns, so make sure that transportation is not going to be a problem for you and you wish to referee full-sided (11 players a side) soccer.

You want to referee competitive players. That means that you want to referee the higher skilled players, those that have been selected to play for their town, and who will play in games against other towns

Fall Rec Soccer Referring Opportunities

Mass Youth Soccer is now requiring all referees to be age 14. While we respect such a decision, Easton Soccer takes pride in our young refs (age 12-14) and will continue to involve them with our in-house, recreational leagues. We feel preserving a young ref program is an important part of personal development.

​If you are in 7th and 8th grade, and interested in becoming a ref this Fall, please email: Jodi Meade. We will conduct our own training program over these next 2 weeks.


  • 12 or 13-years old
  • Available on Saturdays
  • Reliable, responsible and confident
  • Good attitude
  • Love soccer!

Laws of the Game (soccer rules)


There has been numerous questions in regards to the Laws of the Game.  In this section we will highlight, and link, some of the most often questioned laws. Coaches, and parents, who have questions about these laws should take some time to read the attached links.

Direct vs Indirect Kicks