Monday, August 3, 2015

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All Easton Soccer Travel uniforms and apparel can be ordered through the Admiral website.  

We are also happy to announce that additional apparel such as hoodies, warm ups, and coaches apparel, baseball caps, to name a few, have been added to our store.



CLICK HERE for ordering instructions


Uniform Ordering Instructions

Dear Easton Soccer Families,

It is time to order uniforms and we need your attention now to be sure your child’s new travel uniforms are delivered in time for the Season.

Our uniforms changed starting with the 2014/15 season and Easton Soccer has partnered with Admiral Sports. Admiral is the oldest soccer brand in the world, having been worn by England, Manchester United & many of the original North American Soccer League teams. Today Admiral is the 2nd largest sports brand in US pro soccer.

The company will make us custom made apparel in their own factory, the uniform ordering process is fully online and Admiral will manage the order. Admiral Customer Service is available Mon - Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm EST. You can call them toll free on 1-888-646-6822. Or you can email them at

Your required club uniform includes; 1 Custom Jersey, 1 Custom Short, 1 Pair of Socks.

The order process is easy;

  1. ACCESS THE CLUB STORE; All you have to do is click on the

    Admiral logo or link to the club store on our website and order

    your uniform online for bulk delivery.

  2. Once in the club store select the Men’s, Women’s or GK

    package by clicking on the image.

  3. You will see a picture of the uniform on the left and can click on

    that for an enlarged picture.

  4. CHOOSE YOUR TEAM; Under player information you will see a

    drop down menu to choose your team.

  5. SELECT YOUR NAME; Once you’ve selected your team, select

    your player name.

  6. PLAYER NUMBER; You will see the player number

    automaticallypopulates. Eachplayer'sjerseynumberhasbeen

supplied by Easton Soccer. You will not have the ability to enter

your jersey number during the order placement process.


  1. Under additional options you must select from the drop down menu the size of your jersey, short, socks.

  2. We do not recommend that you rely on uniforms from a previous uniform kit as sizing from the manufacturers can change on uniforms when the styles change. Admiral cannot refund or exchange items that have been customized.

  3. There is also an online “fitting room” copy this link in to yourbrowser; fitting_room/ Use the slide bar to confirm you chest and waist measure and it will tell you exactly what size you need for both Men’s and Women’s cut. It is the players responsibility to order the correct size.

5. Once you have ordered and paid for the product that is the size that will be made and shipped to you.

  1. CHECK OUT; After you order your uniform, simply click on the add to gear bag. Upon completing your order, click on the checkout button at the top right of the page.

  2. REGISTERING; At this point you will be prompted to register. Please do so. You will only be asked to register once. Providing this information will make it easier next time you want to order something on contact Admiral.

10. BILLING INFORMATION; Click to accept payment in US$ and complete the necessary information to process the order.

11. PAYMENT INFORMATION; At this point you will be prompted to enter payment information. The site is secure. Your credit card will be charged for the purchase on the day of ordering. A parent or Guardian over the age of 18 must be registered for the order to be accepted.

12. ORDER REVIEW; you will have an opportunity to review your order prior to confirming it. Once confirmed your order will go in to production.

13. QUESTIONS; If you have any questions, Admiral Customer Service is available to help. You can call them toll free on 1-888-646-6822. Or you can email them at orders@admiral-

We are really excited to be working with Admiral Sports and appreciate your prompt attention in ordering.

Yours in Soccer, Easton Soccer

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