Monday, July 28, 2014

Coaches Corner

Hello Easton Soccer Coaches...welcome to the "Coaches Corner".  On this page you will be able to read and link to interesting soccer news around the globe.  We will also post important clinic and meeting information for you to review.  Enjoy!

2013 Fall Coaches Meeting:

For coaches who missed the meeting and for those in attendance to review - you will find the presentation at the link below. Please email John Barata ( with questions or comments.

Fall 2013 Coaches Meeting Presentation
Travel Coach Information Sheet
Coaches Code of Conduct
Field Availability (on Fields page)

2014 CORI Requirements:

Here is the CORI registration information:

  1. Go to the MYSA site at Massachusetts Youth Soccer CORI/ KIDSAFE Form and fill out the CORI/KIDSAFE Form. Make sure you do the following:
    1. Enter Easton Youth Soccer as the organization. DO NOT use abbreviations.
    2. Enter the last 6 numbers of your SSN.
  2. Send me a copy of your picture ID (driver license or Passport) by either email or postal mail. NOTE: Travel coach pictures are a separate from this process.
    1. Email -, filename should be in the following format “LnameFname.jpg or pdf”, enter CORI as the e-mail Subject.
    2. Postal Mail – Please contact me if you need my address (any hard copies received will be scanned and then destroyed).
    3. We are required to keep an electronic copy of your ID on a secured USB drive which will then be locked up.
CORI Status - You can view your CORI expiration status on at the MYSA website.
Click on the “Approved Adults in Organizations A – E”. Scroll down to Easton Youth Soccer and then look for your name/expiration date.


Helpful Soccer Tools from United States Youth Soccer:

Skills Manual 
Small Sided Games Manual
USSF E License Manual
USSF D License Manual

Soccer Websites...Check out the 2 links below:

Soccer Interactive
UEFA Training Ground

Coaching Licenses Offered by Massachusetts Youth Soccer
Easton Soccer encourages all coaches to obtain the USSF G & F level Coaching Courses to our coaches. These courses are offered by the Mass. Youth Soccer Association and will be presented by Mass. Youth Instructors. Each course is a prerequisite for the next course.  These are offered all around the state so take advantage of a course near you..  

G License - 4 hours. This is the introductory course which is prerequisite for next course (F). This course is for novice or experienced coaches for U-6, U-8, U-10 and U-12 age groups. 

F License - 8 hours.  G course is prerequisite for this course. This course is for novice coaches or those with experience with U-8, U-10 and U-12 age groups. 

You can sign up for courses in other towns on the Mass.Youth Soccer site. Schedule for MYSA courses and further description of the courses are available at

.Easton Soccer strongly urges all coaches to complete as many licensing courses as possible.  Completion of training will be given strong consideration in selection of coaches in future years and also helps to provide a strong soccer experience for all the players.

Director of Coach and Player Development
Meet John Barata