Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Travel Schedules & Reschedules (SPRING)


A Make-Up Game shall be defined as any game that could not be completed due to unsafe natural conditions.  Unsafe natural conditions shall read as those conditions occurring naturally, such as, but not limited to, thunderstorms, hail, and non-playable fields.

Please note: A COACH CANNOT CANCEL A GAME OR CLOSE A FIELD.  This can only be done be done by the town president, (or his delegate), prior to the game or by the referee at game time.

To reschedule home games contact Wendy Cross at wleecross27@gmail.com for field availability.  Then confirm with opposing coach.  Once details are worked out, notify the SSSL age group coordinator (see Contact information on SSSL website) and Paul Golder (SSSL scheduler) at gamescheduler@southshoresoccer.com once change has been made.  For away games, the opposing coach needs to handle the details.  Games must be rescheduled within 2 weeks of original game date.

Tournament Options for Easton Soccer Teams

A comprehensive list of tournaments in Massachusetts can be found here:


Below you will find a list of tournaments that have been sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer. In order to be considered a sanctioned tournament, the hosting organization must submit an Application to Host Tournament and supporting documentation to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Office and the application must be approved. Tournaments scheduled for the same dates are listed in the order in which the Tournament Hosts submitted their Application to Host a Tournament.

CLICK HERE  - For the Easton Soccer List of Tournaments

NEW CORI Instructions

Mass Youth Soccer just announced a new process, outlined below.

If you are receiving this email, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to  CLICK HERE - Online CORI Link should then follow the instructions on that page about whether to click on the blue registration button or the green registration button.  Please note that you will need a head shot photo of yourself to complete the registration process.  If you have any technical difficulties, you can call Affinity Sports at 800-808-7195 10am EST to 10PM EST Monday - Friday and 10am to 7:30pm EST Saturday and Sunday.  
  2. After you complete the registration process, be sure to make a note of your User ID and password, as you'll need those again to submit your CORI check.
  3. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email with a link to the site at which you can then submit your CORI check.  After you submit the CORI check, you must print the CORI check and sign it.
  4. You will need to give me the printed/signed CORI check and show me your photo ID.  I am required to verify a completed process for each participant. Please email me acori@eastonsoccer.com (Jessica Dubin) to arrange time and place for us to meet.

Our DOC - John Barata

Our ADOC - Scott Dolan

Laws of the Game (soccer rules)


There has been numerous questions in regards to the Laws of the Game.  In this section we will highlight, and link, some of the most often questioned laws. Coaches, and parents, who have questions about these laws should take some time to read the attached links.

Direct vs Indirect Kicks